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What happens in a relational laboratory?

We are excited to announce...the relational laboratory tour!

As per request the laboratory where you get to shift your patterns into new experiences will be going on a tour through Scandinavia this spring.

If you are curious what happens in a relational laboratory this picture captures some of the magic that happens here, joyful movement, beautiful connections and mindful observation...

...but most importantly new relational experiences that impact your neuro pathways in a way that will ripple out into your life and your relationships, opening totally new possibilities.

Below you can read what some of our previous participants are saying, or just come and experience it for yourself 😉

Since we are pricing our events in tiers, I wanted to give you a heads up now already so you have a chance to catch the super early bird prices before they're sold out.

Tour dates (links in comments):

10-12/3 Copenhagen (in English with Ida & Rouven)

24-26/3 Stockholm (in Swedish with Ida)

21-23/3 Helsinki (in English with Ida & Rouven)

We are also looking at possibilities for Göteborg and Oslo and ...where else should we go?

What previous participants are saying:

"So grateful to be a part of this! I was so touched to witness the gentle unfolding that happened around and inside me, people opening like flowers in your so very lovingly held space. Thank you thank you thank you!" / Annika

"Attending the Relational Laboratory under the warm and skilful facilitation from Ida & Rouven was a dearly welcome opportunity to touch and explore some vulnerable parts within me, feeling connected, held and supported, and also trusted and guided to use my own resources to heal and grow. I very much enjoyed the many exercises and progressing little challenges we were invited to play with and explore with, both individually, and of course relationally. Ida & Rouven set a ground for us together to become the safe space for vulnerability and trust. When I now close my eyes and think back to it, my hand goes to my heart and my forehead relaxes. How fortunate I was to be there." / Arild

"Ida and Rouven held such a brave space for our relational laboratory. They showed us so much trust, challenging me to reach my growing edge and leading safely forward to growth and blossoming. And woooow how I blossomed. Heartfelt thanks, life expanding"❣️/Synnøva

"I am so relieved I took the decision to attend the Relational Laboratory. As a person who have had difficulties feeling my boundaries I am now able to embody them which has led to some quite extraordinary uplevels in my close relationships. I found the whole experience quite challenging but the rewards FAR exceeded the cost. Definitely doing it again. Highly recommend it to everyone. Everyone needs this." / Linnéa

"If you’re thinking about attending a workshop with Ida or Rouven, just do it, I cannot imagine a person this cannot suit or be of benefit too. Your wishes will be heard and your boundaries respected, and I’m sure you will learn something in a way precious to you." / Johan

With evolutionary integrity / Rouven Schneider

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