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Workshops & Circles


Somatic Relating Workshops

Relating with the nervous system


Partnered breathing meditation

- the cozy way to coregulate.



Primal Play

Rediscover childlike playfulness & curiosity 

 - open up to the mystery in every encounter.

Relational Healing Circles

A sacred space for sharing, reflecting and uniting

- inspired by Circling, Forum & Heart IQ.

Connection Circles

Explore connection through embodiment practices,

conscious communication tools & heart opening sharing.

Learn how to create more authentic & healthy relationships in your life.

- Relearning relationships: break through patterns

- Boundaries: empower your voice

- Boundaries: feel your truth

- Projections: see yourself in others

- Reconnection: meeting conflict

+ weekend deep dives on specific themes

Sister Circles

Surrender in the wisdom of sisterhood, 

cocreate the sisterhood you always longed for in a sacred space,

where we meet in our embodied truth & heart opening sharing.

 "My biggest passion is to create group spaces where  our hearts can open, our nervous system feel safe and all parts of us feel welcome.

I hold space with integrity and an open heart, allowing myself to also show up with what is and not put on a mask that creates a wall between us.

I often call myself a relational nerd, because I see relationships as a path of personal growth and mutual healing. This is the path I want to invite you into through these workshops: a path where we can walk each other back home."



Summer Festivals

where I am offering my workshops this year:

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Through these workshops I discovered a new way of being. 
I was re-introduced to feeling my body and using it as an additional tool to make more informed choices about where I really want my life to go, moment to moment. 
The exercises are also perfectly used outside the workshop to come closer to people in my life.

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Connection Circles

Deep down we all long to feel connected: being met, seen & heard by one another in an authentic way.

Yet somehow we all struggle with it, in our awkward and sweet humaneness. Our intention with these circles is to create a safe space to explore meeting beyond what separates us, through embodiment practices, conscious communication tools and heart opening sharing. We use techniques and tools inspired by circling, mindfulness, authentic relating, embodied intimacy, somatic experiencing, trauma theory and yoga.

All with the intention of connecting you with yourself and your body before you connect with others, so that you can follow your inner yes & no.



The connection circles rotate between five themes that you can attend regardless of previous experience and you are always welcome to repeat to deepen into this work with us:


Relearning relationships: break through old patterns

This circle we explore how we can let our relationships become a place for healing instead of hurting when we relearn how to relate authentically. All of our relationships, not just the romantic ones, are based on relational patterns that we develop in early childhood. That is why we often date the same type of person over and over again, or end up in similar painful situations in relationships to our friends and coworkers. We relate the way we know how to because we never learnt that we have a choice to do it differently. During this circle we look at the basic human survival mechanisms behind these patterns and how they play out in our adult relationships. Through bringing awareness to these patterns we can begin to shift them and choose new healthy patterns. This is how we can heal in relationship. You will learn communication tools and embodiment practices that you can integrate in all of your relationships, to see every encounter as an invitation for relational healing.


Boundaries: empower your voice

Do you ever feel like you loose yourself in connection to others? Are you in touch with your authentic YES and NO in every situation, and do you feel safe enough to communicate it? When we are not in touch with our authentic YES and NO we adapt to the needs of others in an unhealthy way. We are disconnected from ourselves and therefore we cannot connect authentically to the other. Because many of us have done this for most of our lives, we need to practice reconnecting with ourselves before we connect to others, if we want to have healthier relationships in our lives. That’s what we will explore together during this circle.


Boundaries: feel your truth

Do you trust your body? Have you ever experienced that your body is telling you it wants something that differs from what you think you want? Have you ever noticed an in-congruency in what someone says they want from you and what you’re actually picking up from their body? Your body is communicating with you all the time, especially when you are in connection with others. Your body is telling you what it needs and how it wants to be met through subtle signals and sensations, that are easy to miss if you don’t listen. 


By connecting with your body before you connect with others you will be able to listen and follow the truth of your body easier. Through slowing down and bringing in mindful observation to what happens within your body as you move towards connection, you will become more aware when you operate from unconscious patterns. This is how you bring your awareness back to the present moment, where true authentic connection can happen. That’s what we will explore together during this circle.


Projections: see yourself in others

As children we learned that certain qualities in us were not welcomed and worthy of love. ⁣⁣We learned to push down those qualities when we noticed that our caregivers reacted to them with anger, rejection or shame - they became our shadow. As adults we might then judge the qualities in others that we don’t allow in ourself - we project our shadow on other people. We might also be attracted by others that embody a quality that we don’t allow in ourself - we want to experience that quality through other people. Often our projections are relating with each other, not our authentic selves - they come between us and are in the way of us authentically connecting. 

The first step to connect to others as our authentic self, is to bring awareness to these projections: noticing when they arise and being with them, so that we can meet beyond them. ⁣Through this process we can integrate these lost parts within ourselves that we only see in others, learn to love them and become more whole. ⁣This is what we will be exploring together in this circle.

Reconnection: meeting conflict

This circle we will explore reconnection: how we can come back from conflict and repair trust and connection.

Conflict is part of any relationship, it is not something that we can evolve past. Yet we often see it as a sign that something is wrong and either end the relationship or try to avoid conflict at any cost. Conflict can actually become something that helps us evolve together.


When we can move through conflict and repair together we deepen trust and connection each time, which is what makes a relationship strong. Understanding how the state of our nervous system impacts our ability to be in empathic connection helps us understand how conflicts arise and escalate. Learning how to regulate our nervous system when it is activated empowers us to be present with ourselves and the other. This is what we will explore together during this circle. 


Weekend deep dives 

In our weekend deep dives we introduce some of the themes above and leave room to listen to the group field to let it guide us. We practice circle work to deepen trust in the group and move into relational healing on a deep and transpersonal level. The thing is: we need each other to heal - what was wounded in connection can only be fully healed in connection.


When we come together with a shared intention to connect authentically we will discover that we are not so different from each other after all: we all struggle with the same themes in connection and carry similar stories from our past that we project into the future through our relationships. When we discover that we are not separate from each other we can start to heal everywhere we've cut off part of ourselves, that we can now only see in others. With that we can become more whole together and welcome all of our unique expressions.

This is how we can walk each other home.


Belly2Belly is a breathing meditation (thats where the “deep breath” in our circles comes from) that is mainly done with a partner (hence the Belly2Belly part) but can also be done on your own next to a partner. 

The intention with the practice is to invite you to a deep state of relaxation and co-regulation, which taps into a beautiful embodied sense of oneness that in itself is very healing. It’s basically holding and being held, while being of service to each others . 

We start with some sharing and landing in the beginning, a few B2B sessions in the middle (with a partner you bring, different partners or with yourself) and a closing circle in the end.

Sister Circles

Deep down we all wish to support each other as sisters, we have just forgotten how to. Our culture has separated us from our connection with the earth & our womb wisdom and told us to fear each other. In this circle we will look at what stands in the way for us to truly meet and support each other. We will tune into a deep listening and find wisdom within us that is medicine for the whole circle. 


There is something very special that happens when sisters gather in circle, when we tap into this ancient way of being together as one. I invite you to surrender into the wisdom of sisterhood with me and let it speak through us and heal the sisterhood wound, one circle at a time. 

We will use embodiment practices & meditation as well as heart opening sharing with some room for cocreation and your intuitive contribution to the circle. Theses circles are inspired by, but not limited to the principles of feminine & surrendered leadership, circling, authentic relating, mindfulness, shadow work & embodiment practices.

Primal Play

Do you long to feel more alive and present in your body?

Do you miss being a child and meeting other bodies in innocent playfulness?

Do you long to be met with curiosity unfolding moment by moment?

~~~ Welcome to the playground! ~~~


Together we’ll go on an embodied journey where each encounter is the gateway to deep presence and pure wonder. 

The play is a wordless communication where you are encouraged to follow your inner yes & no, through movement, breath, sound and touch.  This practice is a great way to become more attuned to your body & boundaries, to move through relational tension & conflict, to connect with your inner child & playfulness and to become more curious & open in connection with others.

Relational Healing Circles

We all embody unique aspects of the whole, so when we sit in circle we have the opportunity to reflect aspects of each other back to one another that we wouldn’t have been able to see ourselves. This is where the healing happens. The circle is a sacred space for sharing and everything that is being shared here stays here. However you don’t have to share anything during the circle to take part in the healing that unfolds. Holding space and being a sacred witness is as valuable and still allows you to receive the shifts that we move through together as a whole.


We are inspired by circling, Forum and HeartIQ in our space holding, but what happens during a circle depends on what we all bring into it and where our intuition guides us. We always start with some embodiment practices and reflection exercises to land together, no previous experience is needed.