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Somatic Relating Workshops

Somatic Relating

Relating with the nervous system

Learn how to create more authentic & healthy relationships in your life through embodiment practices, conscious communication tools & heart opening sharing. Get to know your nervous system and how to regulate it to create an increased inner sense of safety, flexibility & resilience in all aspects of your life.


Read more about this work and the different workshops I offer below.

About Somatic Relating
Boundaries & belonging

You are invited into our relational research laboratory - a brave space where you get to shift your patterns into new experiences. 


As human beings we are relating to one another all the time, wether we like it or not. 


We are social creatures that need connection and fulfilling relationships to live healthy lives.


Most of us long to relate more authentically, to be ourselves fully and unapologetically no matter who we are relating to. 


Yet we often struggle to feel and express our boundaries, needs and longings in relationships, instead relating from coping mechanisms and unhealthy patterns.


How we show up in any relationship or meeting correlates to how we show up in all areas of our lives. 


Therefore, the place where we meet is a beautiful opportunity to shift the patterns that run our lives.

This is why we created the relational research laboratory. 


Through mindful observation we bring awareness to the unconscious patterns that operate in us. 


With nervous system regulation and embodiment practices we create enough safety from within to try something new. 


Together we then create new relational experiences in the microcosm of a workshop that can ripple out into your life and relationships.


Shift your patterns into new experiences


Do you long to feel more alive and present in your body?


Do you miss being a child and meeting other beings in innocent playfulness?


Do you long to be met with curiosity unfolding moment by moment?

Welcome to the playground!


Together we’ll go on an embodied journey where each encounter is the gateway to deep presence and pure wonder. The play is a wordless communication where you are encouraged to follow your inner yes & no, through movement, breath, sound and touch.  


This practice is a great way to become more attuned to your body & boundaries, to move through relational tension & conflict, to connect with your inner child & playfulness and to become more curious & open in connection with others.


We always start with some guided slow movement to land in our bodies and practice tuning into our inner guidance system, so that we can connect to each other within our own boundaries.


*This practice is developed by Embodied Intimacy, inspired by Ritual Play.

Primal Play

Let your body talk


Belly2Belly is a partnered breathing meditation developed by David Cates. As we synchronize our breath, sound and nervous systems we descend into a deep state of relaxation and co-regulation together. We are simultaneously holding and being held, while being of service to each other. From this place we practice to welcome all experiences as part of our process to come closer to ourselves and each other.

The practice can be done with a partner, next to a partner or on your own. We always start with some guided slow movement to land in our bodies and practice tuning into our inner guidance system, so that we can connect to each other within our own boundaries.


This practice is a great way to become more attuned to your body & boundaries and to become more curious & open in connection with others.


We always start with some guided slow movement to land in our bodies and practice tuning into our inner guidance system, so that we can connect to each other within our own boundaries.


*I have done the B2B training 2022 with Rachel Richards and am enrolled in the mentorship program to become certified during spring 2023.


A somatic descend


Most of us long for harmonious relationships, yet relational triggers & conflict are part of any relationship and not something that we can evolve past. Often we tend to see triggers & conflict as a sign that something is wrong and either end the relationship or try to avoid conflict at any cost through suppressing our needs. 


What if there is another way?

What if any trigger can be a guide to get to know yourself better?

What if relational challenges can be an invitation to look within and meet what is unmet?

What if conflict can be a way to grow deeper and more trusting relationships, if we meet it together?


This workshop is an opportunity to get to know yourself & your nervous system better and to increase your understanding of how trauma affects all of your relationships. You will learn tools & practices for nervous system regulation, conscious communication & somatic awareness that can be applied to any relational context in your life.


This workshop will help you to prevent, move through and repair triggers & conflicts from a more trauma informed place while balancing empathy & self-responsibility.


From drama to trauma awareness

From drama to trauma awareness

As children we learned that certain qualities in us were not welcomed and worthy of love. ⁣⁣

We learned to push down those qualities when we noticed that our caregivers reacted to them with anger, rejection or shame - they became our shadow. As adults we might then judge the qualities in others that we don’t allow in ourself - we project our shadow on other people. ⁣

We might also be attracted by others that embody a quality that we don’t allow in ourself - we want to experience that quality through other people. Often our projections are relating with each other, not our authentic selves - they come between us and are in the way of us authentically connecting. 

The first step to connect to others as our authentic self, is to bring awareness to these projections: noticing when they arise and being with them, so that we can meet beyond them. ⁣Through this process we can integrate these lost parts within ourselves that we only see in others, learn to love them and become more whole.



From projection to connection

See yourself in others

What if your relationship became a garden where the fruits nourish you both?

What if you can learn to tend this garden with your individual gifts?

What if you can keep rising in love together?


This retreat is for you if you:
* long for a nourishing space away from everyday life fully dedicated to your relationship.

* want to deepen the connection to yourself & your needs as a way to evolve the relationship.

* desire to transform your relational conflicts into a continuous invitation to feel met, seen and heard by your partner.


During this weeked you will get to experience:

Understanding the dynamics behind conflicts, triggers and relational patterns that play out in your partnership.

Relating from your body instead of your mind to deepen the connection with yourself and your partner.

Learn practices & tools to prevent, resolve & repair conflicts in a practical way that helps you stay empathetic with your partner as well as self-responsible & empowered.


This retreat will contain elements of:

- Conscious communication exercises

- Somatic exercises to create deeper connection

- Finding the meeting point in authenticity and vulnerability

- Relational nervous system regulation and trauma awareness

- Protective mechanisms, shadows and other internal components creating conflicts

- Creating healthier couple dynamics

- Recognizing individual relational patterns as gifts to the partnership

- Conflict resolution practices
And much more…

*Held together with Rouven Schneider, couples therapist, relationship artist & developer of "Evolutionary Relationship Coaching" 


A couples retreat

Couples: rising in love


Deep down most of us long to relate more authentically: to feel met, seen & heard by one another while expressing our authentic self. Yet somehow we all struggle with it, in our awkward and sweet humaneness. 


Our nervous system is wired to protect us from hurt, so we have developed coping mechanisms and relational patterns that start operating as soon as we feel unsafe - which is more often than not in a relational context.


As long as our nervous system does not feel safe we cannot be fully open, feel empathy or curiosity about others or dare to express our needs, boundaries & desires. We are not fully there, so how can we expect to be fully met? 


If we start to relate with our nervous system instead of against it, we can develop a sense of safety from within ourselves that then enables more authenticity, trust & vulnerability in our relationships. 


Relating with our nervous system means gently training our somatic awareness so that we can start to recognize the state of our nervous system and notice our unmet needs. It also means learning how to regulate our nervous system, observing when our coping mechanisms & relational patterns come up and meeting them with curiosity and empathy so that they can start to dissolve. 


From this place we can start to relate with more of us present, which means that there is more of us here to be met and loved. This is what Somatic Relating is all about.


Relating with your nervous system


Do you ever feel like you loose yourself in connection to others and struggle to express yourself authentically?

Are you in touch with your authentic YES and NO in every situation and most importantly: do you feel safe enough to communicate it?

When we are not in touch with our authentic YES and NO we adapt to the needs of others in an unhealthy way.

We are disconnected from ourselves and therefore we cannot connect authentically to the other. Because many of us have done this for most of our lives, we need to practice reconnecting with ourselves before we connect to others, if we want to have healthier relationships in our lives.


That’s what we will explore together during this workshop. Together we will open a field where we create a sense of safety & belonging from within ourselves through nervous system awareness, conscious communication tools, embodiment practices & heart opening sharing.



through your NO to your YES

Relational laboratory
Primal Play
Relational Healing Circle


A sacred space for sharing & reflecting

We all embody unique aspects of the whole, so when we sit in circle we have the opportunity to reflect aspects of each other back to one another that we wouldn’t have been able to see ourselves. This is where the healing happens. The circle is a sacred space for sharing and everything that is being shared here stays here. However you don’t have to share anything during the circle to take part in the healing that unfolds. Holding space and being a sacred witness is as valuable and still allows you to receive the shifts that we move through together as a whole.


I am inspired by circling, Forum and HeartIQ in my space holding, but what happens during a circle depends on what we all bring into it and where our intuition guides us. We always start with some embodiment practices and reflection exercises to land together, no previous experience is needed.

Sister Circles


Surrendering into the wisdom of sisterhood

Deep down we all wish to support each other as sisters, we have just forgotten how to. Our culture has separated us from our connection with the earth & our womb wisdom and told us to fear each other. In this circle we will look at what stands in the way for us to truly meet and support each other. We will tune into a deep listening and find wisdom within us that is medicine for the whole circle. 


There is something very special that happens when sisters gather in circle, when we tap into this ancient way of being together as one. I invite you to surrender into the wisdom of sisterhood with me and let it speak through us and heal the sisterhood wound, one circle at a time. 

We will use embodiment practices & meditation as well as heart opening sharing with some room for cocreation and your intuitive contribution to the circle. Theses circles are inspired by, but not limited to the principles of feminine & surrendered leadership, circling, authentic relating, mindfulness, shadow work & embodiment practices.

Coming up:

Festivals where I will share my work this year:

Malmö Tantra Festival 3-5 March 2023

Big Heart Big Mind Festival 31 July - 13 August 2024

Previously seen at:

Tribal Vibe Festival 

Nära Summer Festival 

Descend Embodied Intimacy Festival 

Touch & Connect Festival 

Upprymd Festival 

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