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About me

I am a somatic guide, group field weaver and relational enthusiast. My work focuses on somatic education, relational healing and authentic communication. I support individuals, couples and parents to relate with their nervous system, embody their true nature and create deeply fulfilling relationships. 


I have a background as a Mindfulness instructor, health coach & body worker and am currently studying to become a Somatic Experiencing trauma healing practitioner. I also draw inspiration and knowledge from trauma theory, developmental psychology, Circling and Embodied Intimacy in my work.

I am driven by a deep curiosity for human connection and an insatiable longing for clarity and coherence. I see relationships as a path for mutual growth, healing and evolution.


My greatest teacher is the wisdom that lives in our bodies and its innate link to the wisdom of the Earth. I am devoted to reconnect us to this wisdom so that we can live our lives in service of the Earth.


Ida Helmers

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