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Free somatic meditations

You can find several of my somatic meditations over on my podcast on Spotify, available in both English and Swedish as a gift to you.


There's meditations to deepen the connection to your body, meeting you inner child, practicing self-compassion and much more. Enjoy!

Free talks: Entering a new relational paradigm

This is a series of conversations that I am having with Dr. Rouven Schneider, cultural anthropologist and relationship artist as well as the developer of Needs oriented couples counselling and The three pillars of an evolutionary relationship.  Come join us for an in depth conversation on relationships as the path of mutual growth and cultural evolution = evolutionary relating. We share our refreshing perspectives, experiences and practical tools for how to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships. New episodes will be added weekly to my podcast and Rouvens Youtube channel, so follow us there to stay updated.

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