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We need each other to heal what was hurt by another.

Relational trauma and dysfunctional relational patterns can only be fully healing in relationship.

This is what I create spaces for in my workshops.

“You can’t solve trauma from inside the trauma - it is found outside of the trauma by experiencing new behaviors, new movements and new sensations.”
/ Peter Levine

Last weekend I held a mini version of the relational laboratory at a festival and was amazed by the depth we could reach together in a couple of hours.

Together we met at the edge between old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, known and unknown.

Then we intentionally created new experiences for each other, that met that edge and the desire to take a step towards something new.

Daring to speak up, setting a boundary or just being seen and heard. Receiving a longing, being held and encouraged in loving presence.

All of these missing relational experiences were all of a sudden available in our field of mutual support and service.

Deeply touched I witnessed how new possibilities opened up where there had been hopelessness, trust awakened where there had been mistrust and hope entered the room.

So much hope.

If this is possible for strangers that come together for a couple of hours within a couple of days, imagine what else is possible…

Or just come and find out at one of my upcoming offerings!

11/9 TRYGGHETENS GROGRUND - fördjupningskurs i autentiskt relaterande, nervsystemsförståelse & läkning


- a brave space to shift your relational patterns into new experiences, that I hold together with my beloved from evolutionary integrity

17-19/11 EVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIP COACHING TRAINING - Trauma informed and needs oriented couples counseling with Rouven Schneider

I look forward to seeing you there ✨

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