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fre 15 sep.




Shift you patterns into new experiences

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Time & Location

15 sep. 2023 18:00 – 17 sep. 2023 17:00

Helsinki, Runeberginkatu 43, 00100 Helsinki, Finland


About the event

You are invited into our relational research laboratory - a brave space where you get to shift your patterns into new experiences.  


As human beings we are relating to one another all the time, wether we like it or not. We are social creatures that need connection and fulfilling relationships to live healthy lives.

Most of us long to relate more authentically, to be ourselves fully and unapologetically no matter who we are relating to. Yet we often struggle to feel and express our boundaries, needs and longings in relationships, instead relating from coping mechanisms and unhealthy patterns.

How we show up in any relationship or meeting correlates to how we show up in all areas of our lives. Therefore, the place where we meet is a beautiful opportunity to shift the patterns that run our lives.

This is why we created the relational research laboratory. Through mindful observation we bring awareness to the unconscious patterns that operate in us. With nervous system regulation and embodiment practices we create enough safety from within to try something new. Together we then create new relational experiences in the micro cosm of a workshop that can ripple out into your life and relationships.

In this relational laboratory we offer you the relational education you never got:

Connecting with yourself, your body and your nervous system first before you move into connecting with others.

Creating an inner sense of safety, through getting to know your nervous system and how to regulate it.

Tuning into your inner YES & NO as well as the authentic expression of your needs, longings & desires.

Finding your unique individual pace in connection to yourself & others, through slowing down enough to notice the subtle signals from your body and letting them guide you moment to moment.

During the weekend we will explore, experience & play with these themes:

  • embodied boundaries & consent
  • nervous system regulation
  • relational trauma awareness
  • movement practices
  • authentic communication & heart opening sharing
  • relational needs, longings & desires
  • group field wisdom - supporting each other and growing together

* We explore relational patterns that show up in any kind of relationships, not just the romatic ones.

* This workshop does not contain any nudity, erotic intimacy or activation of sexual energy.

* All humans are welcome, regardless of relationship status, gender and previous experience.


We want to make sure as many people as possible can join if they feel called to, so we´ve made a pricing scale where you can pick what price best meets you where you are financially right now. 

Financially challenged: 2450 SEK (200 EURO ca)

Financially balanced: 2950 SEK (240 EURO ca)

Financially abundant: 3450 SEK (280 EURO ca)



Rouven is a relationship and intimacy artist. Based in Leipzig (Germany) he brings trauma sensitivity and bodywork approaches into the field of relational work, investigating the correlation of the nervous system, needs, trauma, behavior patterns and upbringing in relationships and partnerships.

Rouven is guiding and facilitating in Germany and Scandinavia as well as training therapists and coaches in trauma-aware and somatic relationship counseling. He is deeply committed following his nomad heart combining Love with Integrity.


Ida is a somatic guide, group field weaver and relational enthusiast. Her work focuses on somatic education, relational healing and authentic communication. She supports individuals, couples and parents to relate with their nervous system, embody their true nature and create deeply fulfilling relationships.

She draws inspiration and knowledge from Somatic Experiencing, trauma theory, body work, Circling and Embodied Intimacy in her facilitation and always leaves room for the unique wisdom of the group to guide her.

Ida is driven by a deep curiosity for human connection and an insatiable longing for clarity and coherence. She sees relationships as a path for mutual growth, healing and evolution. Her greatest teacher is the wisdom that lives in our bodies and its innate link to the wisdom of the Earth. She is devoted to reconnect us to this wisdom so that we can live our lives in service of the Earth.


"So grateful to be a part of this! I was so touched to witness the gentle unfolding that happened around and inside me, people opening like flowers in your so very lovingly held space. Thank you thank you thank you!" / Annika 

"I very much enjoyed the many exercises and progressing little challenges we were invited to play with and explore with, both individually, and of course relationally. Ida & Rouven set a ground for us together to become the safe space for vulnerability and trust. When I now close my eyes and think back to it, my hand goes to my heart and my forehead relaxes. How fortunate I was to be there." / Arild

"Ida and Rouven held such a brave space for our relational laboratory. They showed us so much trust, challenging me to reach my growing edge and leading safely forward to growth and blossoming. And woooow how I blossomed. Heartfelt thanks, life expanding"❣️/Synnøva

"I am so relieved I took the decision to attend the Relational Laboratory. As a person who have had difficulties feeling my boundaries I am now able to embody them which has led to some quite extraordinary uplevels in my close relationships. I found the whole experience quite challenging but the rewards FAR exceeded the cost. Definitely doing it again. Highly recommend it to everyone. Everyone needs this." / Linnéa 

"If you’re thinking about attending a workshop with Ida or Rouven, just do it, I cannot imagine a person this cannot suit or be of benefit too. Your wishes will be heard and your boundaries respected, and I’m sure you will learn something in a way precious to you." / Johan


Bring comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, a water bottle and a journal for taking notes if you wish.


Please always arrive 10-15 min before the session starts to give yourself time to land, so that we can start together.

We might adjust the break times slightle, depending on the groups needs.




10:30 - 13:30

13:30-14:30 Lunchbreak



10:30 - 13:30

13:30-14:30 Lunchbreak


Lunch is not included, please bring your own if you want to eat at the venue or go out and find a restaurant near by. 


Come check out the FB event regularly for updates, inspiration and information before the event. You are also welcomed to invite your friends that might appreciate this exploration.


Up until one week before the event we refund 50% if you have to cancel your ticket, after that tickets are non refundable. You are welcome to gift or sell your ticket to someone else if you can’t make it.


We encourage self responsibility at our events, which means we trust that you don’t come if you are sick, have any symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone that does.


Reach out to our co-producer Noora if you have any questions at: +358404116393 and email


  • Early bird

    1 950,00 kr
    Tax: Moms included
    Sold Out
  • Financially challenged

    2 450,00 kr
    Tax: Moms included
    Sale ended
  • Financially balanced

    2 950,00 kr
    Tax: Moms included
    Sale ended
  • Financially abundant

    3 450,00 kr
    Tax: Moms included
    Sale ended


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