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All you need is love?

They told me all you need is Love.

But when I looked to get my needs met in Love

instead it showed me what I really needed.

When I went to Love to find stability

it made the ground shake beneath my feet.

When I asked Love to give me worth

it pointed to where I still don’t value myself.

When I expected Love to complete me

it let me feel through all of my incompleteness.

When I longed for Love to cure my loneliness

it reminded me of all the places I abandon myself.

When I held onto Love for security

it freed itself, revealing all of my insecurities.

When I wanted Love to make my dreams come true

it read to me the fairytales those dreams were made of.

Once I stopped looking and started listening, Love stared singing through my heart with a gentle voice:

Love is not the long awaited goal.

It is here in every step.

Guiding you home.

Love is not the almighty answer.

It is the infinite mirror.

Loving you.

Love is not the solution.

It is the evolution.


The fight is over.

Yours truly,



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