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A space for transformation

Here are some glimpses into our relational laboratory, where deep relational transformation takes place:

Brave beings coming together in the shared longing for new experiences, where I get to be me and you get to be you so that we can be we.

One after one taking first steps on shaky legs towards the unknown, each step taken encouraging another to take theirs.

Tall beings reaching for the sky leaning into each other, finding support to ground what had been uprooted in the storm.

Voices finally expressing what they had been suppressing only to discover the treasures we uncover when being heard.

Bodies moving towards each other once they’re reminded of their somatic strength to leave or to defend, the inner sense of safety becoming the key to open closed doors.

My story becoming your story becoming our story to rewrite with this new vocabulary and widened spectrum of possibilities.

You are so welcome to join us on our relational laboratory tour:

Stockholm 24-26/3 (in Swedish)

Helsinki 21-23/4

Malmö 5-7/5

Göteborg 2-4/6 (in Swedish)

Find all the events on website.

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