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We cannot change something with the same mindset that that created it.

The idea that there’s something wrong with us that needs fixing is the same idea that made us change, suppress and adapt who we are in the first place.

When we bring this idea into our healing journey, the self suppressing cycle will continue.

We end up pushing, forcing and achieving healing to get to the goal of being fully fixed.

Yet we cannot shift something with the same mindset that created it.

I am going to say that again: we cannot shift something with the same mindset that created it.

Not even if we put love and light glitter on top of it.

What if instead of DOING our healing we were to invite a new way of BEING that is in itself healing?

What if there is NOWHERE to get to but right HERE and welcome all of the aliveness in your sensations, emotions and thoughts?

What if nothing is WRONG about the conflicting parts in you and we could find out what’s RIGHT about them through allowing them to be here and share their wisdom?

Your nervous system is asking you to start listening to all your supressed needs waiting to be expressed.

Your body is longing to untangle and unfold from stuckness and stagnation into pure aliveness.

Your being is craving space for life to move through you in all its beauty.

This is what I offer: to hold space for you to untangle and unfold your being into more aliveness and softness.

I am calling in a more beings ready to explore this together with me through individual somatic coaching sessions, a somatic mentorship or private immersions.

Your body will know if this is you.

You find all the information on my website.

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