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What is in the way is the way.

When we start taking new steps towards what we want in life we are usually met by either fear, doubt or frustration pretty soon on our path.

Usually we either give up here or ignore and push down what came up.

When we meet these feeling on our path it is important to know that how we meet them is crucial to how far we can go on this path.

It is easy to judge these things as bad or wrong and with that make ourselves or the path we're on wrong.

Often I see coaches talk about this as self-sabotage with the advice that you just need to push through it and keep believing.

While it is good to keep believing, pushing through means pushing down important information about what we need to walk further on this path.

What happens is that when we move into the unknown our nervous system activates parts of us there to protect us from danger = the unknown.

These parts then tell us stories through fear, doubt and frustration about why this is the wrong path, why we are wrong for this path and why this will never work, etc...

However, underneath the stories are keys to unlock our next steps that these parts hold within their care for us.

If we can meet these parts when they're trying to protect us and listen to what thhey have to say, they will show us how we can move forwards with more strength and stability.

If we just move forwards without listening to our inner conflicting parts, we will walk with shaky steps until they show up again and throw us off our direction.

Doubts, fears and frustrations are not obstacles to overcome on our way forward - they are our way forward.

What we meet on our way holds a gift that can guide our next steps - if we let it.

What is in the way is the way.

If you are curious to meet what is in your way right now and uncover the gifts in it for you, I am here to support you through trauma informed somatic coaching.

Book your free discovery call or first session through my website.

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