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What I am learning as I am going through the process of uncoupling / break up repair

It is never too late to repair.

Even if we cannot go back in time we can still give each other the healing experience now of acknowledging the hurt we caused. When the hurt is acknowledged we don’t need to project it on the other and we can start to heal.

Both perspectives need to be allowed to co-exist for a deeper understanding to unfold.

If my perspective stands on its own, there is nothing mirroring my part back to me. Only when both perspectives are seen we can start to see the full picture.

We need support to get out of dysfunctional dynamics.

If we could manage on our own, we would’ve figured it out a long time ago. We need others to shine light on what we cannot see.

There are so many gifts to uncover in something that didn’t work out.

I can learn so much about myself when I start to see my part in creating unhealthy situations. With these learnings I can create healthier situations in the future.

Only through grief I can find true gratitude.

There is no bypassing the grief that comes with the death of a relationship, I cannot go straight to gratitude and friendship. I need to feel the heart break and grieve all that couldn’t be to be able to feel grateful for what was.

Anything you would add?

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