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Poetic somatics

When I let there be space

between my thoughts

space pours gold

into the cracks

of my mind.

When I open myself up and receive

the emptiness around me

emptiness opens me

to receive it’s


When I listen to the resistance

that’s silencing me

it’s voice

sets me


When I question the voice inside

that’s questioning me

I can finally hear

the care

in me.

When I give myself the gifts

I’ve been giving to others

my well nourished cells

burst and overflow

with gifts.

When I allow contradictions

to move through me

they all contribute

to the picture



#somaticcoaching #traumainformedcoaching #coaching #embodiment #somatics #somaticexperiencing #healing #trauma #integration #partswork #shadowwork #integraltheory #nervoussystemawareness #nervoussystemregulation #traumahealing #intentionalliving #intentionalmovement #lifeasceremony #cyclicalliving

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