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Most of us struggle with boundaries, sensing and expressing our needs in relation to others is often times easier said than done.

We might think we know what our boundaries are, but when confronted with a situation that requires us actually expressing or acting on them we end up in the same old patterns again and again.

Even though we spend years in therapy or reading about how to set healthy boundaries our nervous system will not fully get it until it experiences us actually doing it successfully.

Basically we need each other to heal what was wounded by another, meaning that our relational trauma can only be fully healed in relational experiences.

We need successful experiences in relation to others to rewire our nervous system and shift the deeply rooted belief that it’s dangerous to set boundaries to a new reality, where boundaries can lead to more and deeper connection.

Otherwise our nervous system will try to protect us from that danger by suppressing our needs, longings and desires in relationship to others - no matter how much we know intellectually about setting healthy boundaries.

This relational somatic work can only be done together with others, as we are giving one another the chance to get a new experience of sensing, embodying and expressing our boundaries in connection - and most importantly: being met and respected in that.

Showing up to this workshop is not only showing up for yourself and your own healing process, it’s also being of service to others so that we can collectively shift our culture of disconnected and boundaryless relating.

We still have space for you to join us on Sunday in Lund, read more here!