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If you choose to only welcome certain aspects of life you will be constantly disappointed that life doesn’t give you what you want.

If you’re in resistance to some aspects of life you will keep meeting them until you can welcome them too, before then you will not fully meet the other side of the spectrum either.

To be able to fully receive from life you need to welcome all of life, all the aspects of its rich and wide spectrum for it to flow through.

You cannot receive the highs fully if you don’t allow yourself to feel fully into the depth of the lows.

You cannot receive the full potential of a challenge if you cannot receive the total bliss of a celebration.

You cannot feel fully alive if you’re not willing to let the idea of who you are die and stand completely naked without it.

Would you consider that everything happens FOR you to show you where your still in resistance to life?

Would you like to lower your shields of resistance against life, just a little, to let more of life in?