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Intentional movement

What was a key practice that helped you through the last year, someone asked me recently.

My answer? Intentional movement.

To daily let what’s is moving within move me.

To go from stagnation to expansion again and again when what I’ve suppressed gets to be expressed.

To let layers and layers of tension release and make space within my body to open to life.

Whatever I am with I take a movement every day to put on music and allow my body to move me.

Sometimes that looks like crawling in the floor, sometimes jumping around, the movement expresses what is already here.

Without this daily practice of intentional movement this year would’ve been so much tougher, with all its challenges, heartbreaks and growth.

Movement is the key that opens me to find my yes to what is.

* Photo taken during an ecstatic dance at Descend - an Embodied Intimacy Festival

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