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Do you know your inner child?

Updated: May 5, 2021

⁣Do you know when she awakens, triggered, hurt and scared?⁣⁣


Do you let her know that she is safe when she feels rootless, lost and threatened? ⁣⁣


Do you remind her she is always and infinitely loved right when she feels to most unlovable? ⁣⁣


Do you hold her when she‘s overwhelmed, and let her feel it all in the comfort of your arms?⁣⁣


Do you let her know that you‘ll never leave her when she’s afraid of being left? ⁣⁣


Do you love her when she’s angry, scared and at her worst? ⁣⁣


Then she will feel safe enough to be her self, the unconditional love and curious play. ⁣⁣


You see, we where born this way.⁣⁣


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