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BODY TALK Have you learned the language of your body?

The sensations from your body are words of presence, each one an anchor that brings you back to NOW.

Your body is not alive yesterday or tomorrow, it’s alive here and now.

The body speaks from this aliveness to you, that is what it means to be alive.

The question is if you listen?

When it tells you to slow down, to breathe and notice your own needs?

When it reminds you of the past just to keep you safe?

When it asks you for your love and tender care?

Have you ever thanked your body?

For its resilience and for never giving up on you.

For all the amazing things you get to experience and everywhere it’s taken you.

For all the joy and pleasure, the smells, tastes, views, sounds and sensations.

For the intensity of pure aliveness running through your veins.

It’s not too late to start that bout NOW?

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