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Dear sister.

Updated: May 4, 2021

The peace between us begins when we can see what starts the war.⁣

When I compare myself to you, as if I’m either above you or below. ⁣

When I compete with you for men’s attention, as if love is a game where only one of us can win. ⁣

When I envy your beauty as if it dims my own.⁣

When I mistrust you and wait for you to betray me or to leave. ⁣

~ What if I can celebrate your courage to show up in the world, and then walk beside you hand in hand?⁣

~ What if I can let my heart expand and receive even more love through you expanding yours?⁣

~ What if I can see myself in you and you in me, while adoring the unique facet life shines through in us both?⁣

~ What if I can trust what unites us and that you long for peace as well?⁣

Dear sister, will you meet you there?⁣

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