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About Ida

I am here to reconnect you to your true nature and the deep wisdom of your body.

My work focuses on embodiment, relational healing and authentic communication with a trauma informed approach in both individual sessions and group settings.  


I have a background as a Mindfulness instructor, health coach & body worker. I am currently studying to become a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and have spent a lot of time in and being inspired by the Embodied Intimacy community.


After becoming a mother I trained to be a Waldorf teacher and spent 5 years working at a Waldorf school. Simultaneously I was studying children's development & psychology, attachment theory and different conflict resolution & relationship building methods. 


Through my own healing process I discovered

how embodiment practices, somatic tools and trauma awareness helped me to connect deeper with the children around me. That´s how Somatic Parenting was born. 


I have made a promise to our sacred earth to take care of her. This is a promise I intend to keep through my work and my living. I believe that if we connect with our bodies and heal our relationship trauma through them, we can reconnect with the earth and live as our true nature in service of her.


"It is in our human nature to take care of what we are connected to.


Peace starts when we reconnect with each other.


Health starts when we reconnect with our body.


Sustainable living starts when we reconnect with Earth."

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Through these workshops I discovered a new way of being. I was re-introduced to feeling my body and using it as an additional tool to make more informed choices about where I really want my life to go, moment to moment. The exercises are also perfectly used outside the workshop to come closer to people in my life.

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