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Why nervous system awareness is important for parents - how to help your child regulate

Children co-regulate with their caregivers nervous systems so that they can learn how to self-regulate.

Your child tunes in on your nervous system as a survival mechanism to regulate their own nervous system when they are overwhelmed by emotions or sensory input.

As they grow older children automatically try to regulate themselves when their nervous system is activated, unfortunately we often interpret this as bad behavior.

When your child gets angry & screams, hits you or throws things around - they are possibly in a fight response trying to regulate themselves.

The fight response is there to activate our power when we need to protect ourselves, to help us assert our boundaries & express our needs.

The fight response can activate in children when they feel powerless, frustrated or pressured by us.

→ Imagine being a child for a moment and having that little control over what happens around or to you - quite frustrating, right?