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What is in the way is the way.

What is in the way is the way.

When you take a step towards what you want, what you don’t want will meet you there.

When you call in what you desire, what is keeping you from fully receiving it will pull you in.

There are parts of you that will do anything to protect you from the unknown, since they haven’t yet experienced it to be safe.

These parts may have even experienced it to be unsafe in the past to be seen, more expressive and alive (or whatever it is you’re calling in).

Meeting these parts is the way forwards, otherwise they will keep pulling you in with more and more force until you do.

Welcome them, tell them you see them and thank them for trying to keep you safe.

Moving your body and soften around them to let them really feel that they are welcomed to be here.

Make space for them to express what they have to say in movement, words or emotions.

By being met and heard these parts can feel that you are here to make sure what they fear is not going to happen.

By communicating with them you stop to identify with them and let them run the show entirely from the shadows.

By seeing their intention to protect you and thanking them for it you stop resisting them and start integrating the wisdom in them.

Meeting the parts in you that resist moving forward will allow you to move forward.

What is in the way is the way.

It is here to lead you there.

*photo taken by Nicole Pari at our last Relational Laboratory during an embodiment practice

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