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What is an evolutionary relationship?

An evolutionary relationship is part of a new paradigm of relating that sees love as a guide rather than a goal, leading us deeper into connection with ourselves and the other through relating.

It invites the possibility that a relationship can be so much more than just a place to get your individual needs met, but actually a place where we can support each other to heal, grow and evolve as human beings.

This way of relating moves beyond the misconception that disharmony equals disconnection, but rather sees relational challenges as an opportunity to deepen in trust with each other.

The foundation of an evolutionary relationship is built upon self-responsiblility, needs-orientation and transparency combined with continuously turning towards each other.


This all sounds beautiful, right? The question is: how do we actually embody a new way of relating while also dealing with our social conditioning and trauma?

Join us for a free call on February 5th at 6pm (CET) to get inspired by some of the ideas, methods and practices that we live and teach.

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