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Knowing how the nervous system works and being trauma informed is one thing in theory. Actually living accordingly is when it starts to have a real impact on how you show up in your life. Here is how that can look:

***Tending to your NS daily***

Your nervous system, just like your muscles need daily exercise to keep fit + extra resistance training to build strength. Not caring for your NS daily makes you much more vulnerable for overwhelm, trauma reactions and both mental and physical illness.

***Having a movement practice***

Trauma reactions are stored in your body and need movement to get unstuck. Since our daily life has us face many challenges that brings up these activations, we need to move our body to help discharge any NS activation.

***Pausing to check in with yourself***

Once you start getting to know your NS you know to not making any decisions or paying too much attention to your thoughts when in an activated NS state. When activated you are not able to think logically, have an overview of the situation or feel empathy for anyone else involved - this is not the time act but to pause.

***Pausing to check in with others***

Once you know your own NS you also understand others NS better. When you can recognize the signs you are able to have more compassion for when people around you are in an activated NS state + not take everything they do and say in that state too personally.

***Inviting and offering support***

Knowing your NS means also understanding that it is designed for coregulation and support - we are not meant to handle everything on our own! When you recognize the state you or someone else is in you can invite coregulation as a way to come back to connection.

—> Are you curious to learn more about nervous system awareness? Reach to me for somatic coaching session or come to my one day workshop on Sunday in Lund, fully dedicated to our nervous system with lots of practical tools. Read more here.

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