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It runs through my entire organism, linking all seemingly separate functions to each other in milliseconds.

It weaves the past, present and future into the memory of my cells through the web of time.

It is what connects every part of me to the whole of me, that wouldn’t be whole without every part of me.


Just like nature it is sensitive to in-balance and adapts in whatever way it needs to re-establish balance.

Just like nature too much strain and stress will have parts of the organism hold back from growth for the greater good.

Just like nature it also has incredibly powerful resilience and self-healing abilities that can recover from most chocks under the right conditions.


Tending to my inner ecosystem and my body daily is how I tend to the Earth as my bigger body.

Rewilding my suppressed power is how I undo the taming of nature’s wildness, one roar at a time.

Mending the wounds of separation in my inner nature is how I support nature to heal the human wounds in her soil.


My nervous system is an inner ecosystem.

My inner nature is nature.

My body is Earth.


Welcome to EARTH MY BODY - a one day retreat in Dalby 16/7 -> read more

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