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Turning shit into compost

Updated: May 5, 2021

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In every shitty experience lies a seed.⁣

When I’m in the middle of the struggle, I don’t see the seed. I only see a big pile of shit everywhere I look.⁣

Sometimes I even forget that the seed is there. I start to believe the stories I tell myself of how shitty I am, and why shit always happens to me, and what it means, and how it proves how shitty I am. So I add some more shit on top of the big pile of shit. ⁣

Then I remember: this pile of shit is not forever. None of them are. It will break down and turn into compost, as soon as I stop adding more shit by making up stories about it. ⁣

So I take a deep breath. I accept the shit. I welcome it. I welcome all the feelings that come with it. And so the composting starts. ⁣</