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Somatic Coaching

Trauma informed

I am here to support you in reconnecting with your body, so your inner compass can guide your next steps.

Through my embodied presence and compassionate inquiry I create a space for you to uncover what conflicting parts and unconscious patterns run your life. By introducing somatic resources and cues of safety to your nervous system, it can start to unwind stagnated trauma responses to make space for more ease and relaxation.

I draw inspiration & knowledge from Somatic Experiencing trauma healing, Mindfulness, trauma theory and parts work combined with my health coach training. However, it is always your nervous system that guides the session and nothing will be pushed beyond what it is ready for. 

Somatic coaching is helpful if you:


* are curious to understand your nervous system better and want to learn how to support it.

* want to shift your relational patterns of protection into patterns of connection.

* long to be more embodied and in touch with your boundaries, needs and desires.

Sessions are available in Swedish, English or German - online, outside of Lund, Sweden in my home or in your home if you live around Lund / Malmö / Copenhagen.


To book an in person session or set up a tailor made private immersion please contact me directly.


You can read more about my somatic mentorship, private immersions and couples coaching further down. 

"Connecting with your body is reconnecting with your true nature
and the deep wisdom that lives within your cells."

Book an online session with me



We are not meant to walk alone. Especially when it´ s time to take the first shaky steps towards something new or finally turn around and look at what has been holding us back. I am here to hold your hand as you walk towards what you want and to support you in meeting what comes up along the way. 

We start the journey with a 90min session to outline the container and set an intention for our time together. In this session we also tune into what financial investment meets us both and the journey you wish to go on. 

You can book up to 2 sessions á 60 min each month you sign up for.


Support via voice messages and access to pre-recorded somatic meditations is included and will be tailor-made to your journey.

Contact me directly to set up a free discovery call. 

Sessions are available in Swedish, English or German - online, outside of Lund, Sweden in my home or in your home if you live around Lund / Malmö / Copenhagen.

* You only commit to one month at a time. 



Lean back and let me create an experience that meets you where you are, for you to realign with your true nature and source.

We can work on a specific theme together, like finding your boundaries or shifting a relational pattern. You can come with a wish to figure out your next steps towards living your purpose or finding your voice. The intention can also be to deepen the connection to your body and nervous system.

In my private immersions I combine elements from Somatic Experiencing, health coaching and relational trauma healing with conscious movement, intentional ceremony and connection with nature.

Private immersions can be from 2,5 - 6h and are available in my home in Dalby with direct access to the forrest or in your home if you live in Skåne & CopenhagenWe start with a call to tune into if working together is a yes for us both, then we set an intention for the journey.


Contact me directly to set up a call. Individual pricing applies, meaning we find a financial investment that meets us both.

Rise in love

Couples sessions are available online, in my home in Dalby or in your home if you live in Skåne & Copenhagen.

Contact me directly to set up a call for us to tune into if we are a yes to working together.

About Ida

I am here to reconnect you to your true nature

and the deep wisdom of your body.

My work focuses on somatic education, relational healing and authentic communication. I support individuals, couples and parents to relate with their nervous system, embody their true nature and create deeply fulfilling relationships. 


I have a background as a Mindfulness instructor, health coach & body worker and am currently studying to become a Somatic Experiencing trauma healing practitioner. I also draw inspiration and knowledge from trauma theory, developmental psychology, Circling and Embodied Intimacy in my work.


I am driven by a deep curiosity for human connection and an insatiable longing for clarity and coherence. I see relationships as a path for mutual growth, healing and evolution.


My greatest teacher is the wisdom that lives in our bodies and its innate link to the wisdom of the Earth. I am devoted to reconnect us to this wisdom so that we can live our lives in service of the Earth.

Image by kazuend


I'm deeply, deeply thankful for my coaching sessions with Ida. She's a powerful spaceholder that truly is walking her talk. I'm feeling much more secure in my body now and more connected to my own intuitive wisdom.

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