Somatic Coaching


Somatic Coaching

 Do you feel like you want to offer your gifts to the world,

but something is holding you back?


Do you feel disconnected from your body, your intuition

and your souls purpose?


Do you feel stuck in the same thought patterns & routines

and don´t know your way out?


I offer you a journey where you get to reconnect with your true nature and let the wisdom of your body guide you towards healing, integration and growth.

I draw inspiration & knowledge from Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, trauma theory and parts work combined with my health coach training. 

Are you ready to reconnect? 

* coaching can be held in Swedish, English or German. 

"It is in our human nature to take care of

what we are connected to".

"It is in our human nature

to take care of

what we are connected to, therefore peace begins with reconnection."

About Ida

I am here to reconnect you to your true nature

and the deep wisdom of your body.

My work focuses on embodiment, relational healing and authentic communication with a trauma informed approach in both individual sessions and group settings. 

I often call myself a relationship nerd and like to see relationships as a possibility for both mutual and individual growth. I love to create group fields where, through following the wisdom of our bodies: our hearts can meet, our nervous systems feel more safe and all parts of us feel welcome. 

I have a background as a Mindfulness instructor, health coach & body worker. I am currently studying to become a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and have spent a lot of time in and being inspired by the Embodied Intimacy community.


I have made a promise to our sacred earth to take care of her. This is a promise I intend to keep through my work and my living. I believe that if we connect with our bodies and heal our relationship trauma through them, we can reconnect with the earth and live as our true nature in service of her.

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"Connecting with your body
is reconnecting with
the Earth and your
true nature."