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It is time for a new paradigm in relating!

As our culture shifts and changes towards increasingly individualised needs we find ourselves in a conflict with the old relationship structures and (lack of) relational skills that we still base most of our relating on.

Divorce rates are skyrocketing and more people try out alternative styles of relating, yet many still struggle to create deeply fulfilling partnerships whithout giving up their individual needs.

There is a shift needed, but how?

We need skilled guides to help us navigate the conflict between our need for sovereignty and our need for connection, so that our relationships can support our mutual growth instead of preventing it.

I couldn't be more proud and honoured to support Rouven to bring "The Evolutionary Relationship Coaching Training", to Malmö in November, for the first time in English after several successful rounds in Germany.

Not only can I personally stand fully behind it and feel its potency for our world vibrating in my cells, I know from experience that it really works!

This training is a combination of hands on therapeutic skills, trauma theory, nervous system awareness, communication tools, somatic practices and relational concepts that, when we put them all together, make it possible to take the step into the new relational paradigm that our evolution is calling for.

The methodology of Needs Oriented couples counselling is crafted from years of both professional and personal relational research and to me really is the key that is missing in the coaching industry today.

The pillars of an Evolutionary Relationship show what is possible in love and relating when we combine Love and Integrity - a shift that is so needed in our relational culture that is stuck in old structures, while navigating increasingly changing individual needs.

So wether you're a coach, psychologist or facilitator already working with couples, you wish to upgrade your professional knowledge with state of the art trauma awareness and somatic tools or you want to dive deeper into your own relational and personal development - I recommend you check out this upcoming training.

Read more here and come join us on this (r)evolutionary journey!

Ps. Apply before September 15th to access the very generous Early Bird Price.

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