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I remember studying children’s development and attachment trauma when my daughter was one year old, feeling so bad about everything I thought I’d done wrong and convincing myself I’d already messed her up for life.

She has some risk factors in her heritage and I’ve spent a lot of her early childhood trying to compensate and make up for them, guilt being my constant companion.

My therapist once told me that there are two types of guilt: the irrelevant guilt we carry from the past and the relevant guilt that points to what we can actually change for the future.

That idea really resonated in me and I started listening to what the guilt wanted me to look at, which lead me to a deep wish to shift the lineage of inter generational trauma.

I wanted to do it differently to not pass on the relationship trauma patterns I’d inherited, but didn’t know how to and felt so powerless while catching myself acting them out.

Until I learned how trauma lives in the body and awakens when the nervous system is activated.

What relief to understand what was happening and learn that there is actually something I can do about it!

🌱 Since trauma lives in the body we can release it trough the body as well, embodiment practices helps us listen to our body´s subtle signals and follow its guidance towards healing.

🌱 Since trauma responses & relational patterns patterns live in the nervous system, we can learn how to meet traumatic activation in ourselves and our children with nervous system regulation.