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sön 30 okt.


Hälsans hus

See yourself in others

From projection to connection - meet through what separates us

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See yourself in others
See yourself in others

Time & Location

30 okt. 2022 09:30 – 17:00 CET

Hälsans hus, Mårtenstorget 6, FL 2, 223 51 Lund, Sverige


About the event

You may have heard about projections and shadow work. If so then probably as something negative that comes between us and leads to disconnection and we need to work on to get rid off. I want to invite you to a space where your projections become the guide for deeper connection - to yourself and others.

As children we learned that certain qualities in us where not welcomed and worthy of love. ⁣⁣

We learned to push down those qualities when we noticed that our caregivers reacted to them with anger, rejection or shame. ⁣⁣

As adults we might then judge the qualities in others that we don’t allow in ourself: we project our shadows on them. ⁣

We might also be attracted by others that embody a quality that we don’t allow in ourself: we want to experience the quality through them.

The first step to connect to others as our authentic self, is to bring awareness to these projections: noticing when they arise and being with them - so that we can meet through and beyond them. ⁣

Through this process we can integrate these lost parts within ourselves that we only see in others, learn to love them and become more whole. ⁣

This is what we will be exploring together this evening.

WHAT TO EXPECT Come curious to explore this theme through embodiment practices, mindful observation & sharing.

We will use techniques and tools inspired by circling, mindfulness, authentic relating, embodied intimacy, somatic experiencing, trauma theory and yoga.

Everything we do has the intention of connecting you with yourself, your body & nervous system before you connect with others.

All human beings are welcome regardless of previous experience, relationship status & gender.

Every exercise is optional but you can bring a partner / friend to couple with if that makes you feel more at ease.

The event will be held in English unless the whole group speaks swedish.

WHAT PARTICIPANTS ARE SAYING: “Through these workshops I discovered a new way of being. I was re-introduced to feeling my body and using it as an additional tool to make more informed choices about where I really want my life to go, moment to moment. The exercises are also perfectly used outside the workshop to come closer to people in my life.” / Sotiris

”Beyond the awkwardness the whole universe opened up in the eyes right in front of me”. / Sandra, participant“

"Thank you for a beautifully held connection circle yesterday. It felt huge to be a part of and witness the authentic connections that took place under your holding of the space.I feel richer as a result from what I got to experience and I’m looking forward to the next circle”. / Mats, participant

ABOUT SOMATIC RELATING Deep down most of us long to relate more authentically: to feel met, seen & heard by one another while expressing our authentic self. Yet somehow we all struggle with it, in our awkward and sweet humaneness.

Our nervous system is wired to protect us from hurt, so we have developed coping mechanisms and relational patterns that start operating as soon as we feel unsafe - which is more often than not in a relational context.

As long as our nervous system does not feel safe we cannot be fully open, feel empathy or curiosity about others or dare to express our needs, boundaries & desires.

We are not fully there, so how can we expect to be fully met?

If we start to relate with our nervous system instead of against it, we can develop a sense of safety from within ourselves that then enables more authenticity, trust & vulnerability in our relationships.

Relating with our nervous system means gently training our somatic awareness so that we can start to recognize the state of our nervous system and notice our unmet needs.

It also means learning how to regulate our nervous system, observing when our coping mechanisms & relational patterns come up and meeting them with curiosity and empathy so that they can start to dissolve.

From this place we can start to relate with more of us present, which means that there is more of us here to be met and loved.

This is what Somatic Relating is all about.


Ida is here to reconnect you to the deep wisdom of your body and your true nature. She perceives herself as a relationship nerd and sees relationships as a possibility for both mutual and individual growth. 

Ida creates group fields in which our bodies guide us to a place where our hearts can meet, our nervous systems feel safe and all parts of us feel welcome.

She draws inspiration and knowledge from Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Circling, Embodied Intimacy and attachment theory in her work and always leaves room for the unique wisdom of the group to guide her.

PRACTICALS Arrival time 09:30-09:50 Starting time 10:00 - no entry after.

Lunch 13:30-15 (bring your own or go out near by) Fruit & snacks are provided during our shorter breaks.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.


We want to make it possible for everyone to attend our events, so we offer low prices for those who book their ticket early:

550kr enthusiastic bird (5 tickets)

750kr early bird (5 tickets)

950kr organized bird (5 tickets)

1150kr lazy bird (5 tickets)

FACEBOOK EVENT: Come check out the FB event regularly for updates, inspiration and information before the event. You are also welcomed to invite your friends that might appreciate this exploration.

CANCELLATION POLICY Up until one week before the event we refund 50% if you have to cancel your ticket, after that tickets are non refundable. You are welcome to gift or sell your ticket to someone else if you can’t make it or use it at another one of our circles within the next 3 months. You can come to any circle or workshop without having attended one before.

HEALTH POLICY We encourage self responsibility at our events, which means we trust that you don’t come if you are sick, have any symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone that does.

COMUNAL TRANSPORT Hälsans Hus is very close to Bankgatan bus stop in Lund and about 5 min walking distance from bus stop Botulfsplatsen.

PARKING There is parking available on the streets around Södra Esplanaden or the parking garage at Mårtenstorget Coop.

CARPOOLING Post in the event on FB if you can offer a ride or want a ride from some of the cities close by.

CONTACT If you have any questions please reach out to us on FB or at: If you have trouble finding the place you can reach us at 073-2081825 up until starting time.


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