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Facebook (private group) & Zoom

S E E D S - online immersion

Somatic Parenting Online Immersion - Parenthood as fertile ground for change -

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S E E D S - online immersion
S E E D S - online immersion

Time & Location

23 juni 2021 18:30 – 18 juli 2021 11:30

Facebook (private group) & Zoom


About the event


Parenthood as fertile ground for change

Somatic Parenting Online Immersion 23/6 - 18/7

  • growing a supportive community
  • weekly self practice & meditations
  • tools for nervous system regulation
  • interactive lectures & sharing circles
  • understanding inter generational trauma

Most of us want to do it differently than our own parents, yet all our relationship patterns are based on the relational legacy they gave us. How can we do it differently when we never learned how to? To stop recycling the dysfunctional patterns and relational trauma previous generations passed on to us we need to understand how these patterns are created.

As long as we’re stuck in an unsustainable way of relating we cannot create a sustainable way of living.

As parents we quite literally hold the future in our hands. The way we attune to and meet our children’s needs becomes the foundation on which they’ll build all their future relationships on. The way we attune to and meet our own needs is the basis for an empathetic connection to our children.

The more connected we are with ourselves, the more connected we can be with each other and our environment. It’s in our human nature to take care of what we’re connected to.


I will not tell you how to parent your child.

You are the perfect parent for your child.

You are doing the very best that you can with what you were given.

My intention with this course is to give you knowledge & tools so that you can more easily attune to and meet your own needs, as well as the needs of your child.

My vision is to leave a more sustainable world for our children through us becoming aware of the relational legacy we pass on.


* Understanding inter generational trauma and how our own relational trauma activates when our nervous system is not regulated.

* Learning how to regulate our nervous system so that we can more easily stay connected with and meet the needs within ourselves & our children.

* Growing a supportive community where we share our struggles as well as our celebrations and dismantle the ideal of the perfect parent.


Each week will have a specific theme that is introduced in a short video. You will receive a meditation connected to the theme that can be done daily throughout the week, as well as a few questions to reflect on. The weekly theme will be posted in our FB group as well as sent to your email each Sunday before the week starts.


We will meet through Zoom twice a week for an interactive lecture and a sharing & support circle. Every Zoom call is recorded and shared in our FB group and through email, so if you can´t join every call you´ll still have access to the content. If you wish to share without being recorded you can just write me in the chat and I´ll pause the recording during your share.

Children are welcome during the Zoom calls, as long as you feel like you can still be part of the conversation. You are expected to have your camera on and have your attention with the group during our calls.


Sunday 27/6  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST) SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE

Wednesday 30/6 6:30-8 PM (CEST) INTERACTIVE LECTURE

Sunday 4/7  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST) SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE

Wednesday 7/7 6:30-8 PM (CEST) INTERACTIVE LECTURE

Sunday 11/7  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST) SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE

Wednesday 14/7 6:30-8 PM (CEST) INTERACTIVE LECTURE



Together we will grow a community where we practice to support each other and cocreate a safe space to share our struggles as well as our celebrations. We will have a closed FB group where the weekly themes are posted as well as a virtual sharing circle post, where we can share our process with each other.


You do not have to be a parent to join or have children at a certain age. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you´re a parent, wanting to be one, working with children, have children around you or just want to understand your relationship patterns better.


Low income / struggling 500 (ca 50€) - couples 750kr (ca 75€)

Medium income / getting by 750kr (ca 75€) - couples 1250kr (ca 125€)

High income / thriving 1000kr (ca 100€) - couples 1500kr (ca 150€)

If you feel called to join but cannot afford the pricing please write me and we´ll find a way.


If you love the vision behind this work as much as I do any help in spreading the event through inviting friends, sharing or commenting on posts about the event is greatly appreciated.

I cant wait to go on this journey with you!


  • 2 timmar

    SEEDS opening & interactive lecture


  • 1 timme 30 minuter

    SEEDS sharing & support circle

6 more items available


  • LOW INCOME (struggling)

    500,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
  • COUPLE (low income)

    750,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
  • MEDIUM INCOME (getting by)

    750,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
  • COUPLE (medium income)

    1 250,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
  • HIGH INCOME (thriving)

    1 000,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
  • COUPLE (high income)

    1 500,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included


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