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There is no such thing as having a regulated nervous system.

Saying you want to have a regulated nervous system, is like saying you want to be happy all the time.

I mean yes, that would be nice, but no it’s not very likely to happen.

Life will bring you ups and downs, which in your nervous system looks like a constant movement between different degrees of activation.

What you want is to be able to meet and move through those activations, as supposed to getting stuck in them for longer periods of time.

Having a flexible nervous system means being able to move through the spectrum of activation and regulation with more ease.

You can increase your nervous system flexibility through having a daily embodiment practice and using somatic tools for regulation.

Somatic therapy or coaching can support you in finding what works for your unique nervous system.

I still have some slots available during summer and you can book a free discovery call through my website.

I also have a one day retreat coming up this Sunday in Dalby as well as a 6-week deep dive course where we learn more about this, you find both events on my website.

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