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sön 07 nov.


Facebook (private group) & Zoom

S E E D S - online immersion V2

Somatic Parenting Online Immersion - Parenthood as fertile ground for change -

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S E E D S - online immersion V2
S E E D S - online immersion V2

Time & Location

07 nov. 2021 10:00 – 12 dec. 2021 11:30

Facebook (private group) & Zoom


About the event

S E E D S - Somatic Parenting Online Immersion 7/11 - 12/12

  • empowerment through emobodiment
  • self practice meditations
  • tools nervous system regulation
  • nervous system awareness
  • weekly sharing & support circles
  • a growing community of parents


Somatic Parenting

Parenthood as fertile ground for change

"I am not here to tell you how to parent.

You already are the perfect parent for your child.

I am here to offer you some seeds to grow more empowerment,

awareness and support in your parenting".

Seeds of Somatic Parenting

* Empowerment through embodiment *

Being embodied means being connected to your body and being aware of your somatic sensations.

When you practice listening to your body’s signals through somatic sensations you can learn to read the state of your nervous system. Sensing the state of your nervous system in different situations helps you attune to your own needs.

So often we feel powerless as parents, not knowing how we can meet our childs needs as well as our own when we are constantly under resourced. This often leads to a downward spiral of frustration and conflict.

Embodiment empowers you to act from a place of awareness and attunement instead of just reacting from a place of powerlessness and frustration.

Through embodiment practices and somatic meditations we can practice connecting with our body, learn to listen to its signals and read the state of our nervous system in different situations.

* Nervous system regulation *

Learning how our nervous system works and how to regulate through simple somatic tools will help us feel empowered in challenging situations with our children that left us feeling powerless before. From that place we can understand our children's behaviour from an embodied perspective and help them regulate through play and connection.

Nervous system awareness is a powerful tool to get to know yourself and your reactions as well as get a greater understanding for your childs behaviour.

Knowing how your nervous system works and recognizing when it is activated helps you understand where your instinctual reactions come from and how they play out in your parenting as well as in your child. Having tools to regulate your nervous system back into balance helps you to prevent conflicts and meet your owns as well as your childs needs.

* Support & community *

We are not meant to do this alone. As parents its easy to isolate with our challenges and think that we are the only ones struggling, all the while every parent faces the same challenges.

Community helps us see aspects of ourselves that we wouldnt be able to see on our own, as well as lets us share the keys we found in our own journey that others might be looking for.

Together we grow a supportive community where we share our struggles as well as our celebrations and dismantle the unattainable ideal of "the perfect parent".




Each week will have a specific theme that is introduced in a short video. Every other week you will receive a meditation connected to the theme that can be done daily throughout the week, as well as a few questions to reflect on in your journal or meditation practice. Every other week you will receive an audio/video and PDF with theory that dives deeper into our themes to take in at your own pace. The weekly theme will be posted in our FB group as well as sent to your email each Sunday before the week starts.


- Self practice and meditation to deepen your connection with your body

- Sharing & support circle


- Learn about polyvagal theory, neuroception and your survival instincts through a prerecorded audio/video and PDF to take in at your own pace

- Sharing & support circle


- Self practice & meditation to learn regulating your nervous system

- Sharing & support circle


- Learn about attachment, how trauma lives in your body and how you can let your nervous system activations build resillience instead of create trauma through a prerecorded audio/video and PDF to take in at your own pace

- Sharing & support circle


- Self practice & meditation to connect with your inner child and reparent yourself

- Sharing & support circle


- Learn about co-regulation, playful ways to regulate with your child, prevent and solve conflicts and deepen your connection through a prerecorded audio/video and PDF to take in at your own pace

- Sharing & support circle

Sharing & support circle

We meet once a week for a sharing & support circle where we practice sharing what is alive for us and support each other with our presence. We will practice The call will not be recorded for confidentiality reasons.

Zoom calls

Children are welcome during the Zoom calls, as long as you feel like you can still be part of the conversation. You are expected to have your camera on and have your attention with the group during our calls.

Break out rooms

We might go out in break out rooms for sharings in smaller groups and practice som of the communication tools together, if you cant join the break out rooms please put a 0 in front of your name and if you wish to do the exercises with you partner at home please put a 2 in front of your name. You do this by going to your screen picture once youve entered the call and click "rename".



Sunday 14/11  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST) SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE

Sunday 21/11  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST) SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE

Sunday 28/11  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST) SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE

Sunday 5/12  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST)  SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE

Sunday 12/12  kl.10-11:30 AM (CEST) CLOSING SHARING & SUPPORT CIRCLE


Together we will grow a community where we practice to support each other and cocreate a safe space to share our struggles as well as our celebrations. We have a closed FB group where the weekly themes are posted as well as an open space where we can share our process with each other.


You do not have to be a parent to join or have children at a certain age. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you´re a parent, wanting to be one, working with children, have children around you or just want to understand your relationship patterns and nervous system better.


Low income / struggling 500 (ca 50€) - couples 750kr (ca 75€)

Medium income / getting by 750kr (ca 75€) - couples 1250kr (ca 125€)

High income / thriving 1000kr (ca 100€) - couples 1500kr (ca 150€)

If you feel called to join but cannot afford the pricing please write me and we´ll find a way.


If you love the vision behind this work as much as I do any help in spreading the event through inviting friends, sharing or commenting on posts about the event is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to go on this journey with you!


  • 1 timme 30 minuter

    SEEDS sharing & support circle


  • 1 timme 30 minuter

    SEEDS sharing & support circle

4 more items available


  • LOW INCOME (struggling)

    500,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
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  • COUPLE (low income)

    750,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
    Sale ended
  • MEDIUM INCOME (getting by)

    750,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
    Sale ended
  • COUPLE (medium income)

    1 250,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
    Sale ended
  • HIGH INCOME (thriving)

    1 000,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
    Sale ended
  • COUPLE (high income)

    1 500,00 kr
    Tax: Moms (VAT) included
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